The Outside-In Game Unveiled

self awareness May 25, 2024

If you're experiencing a rollercoaster of emotions, swinging from joy to despair, you might be caught up in the unpredictable outside-in game. 

The outside-in game is a common experience when we examine the effects of other people, things, the environment, God, or whatever. You're not alone in this. 

When we're engrossed in the outside-in game, our moods, energy, and self-love are all at the mercy of events beyond our control. 

So, of course, if your boss tells you that you are a great worker if your wife wants sex with you, your children say you’re cool, and your friends are calling you for a night out, then you may feel happy. 

If your boss gives you some critical feedback, your wife refuses sex with you, your children tell you that they hate you, and your friends don’t call you, then you may feel sad, lonely and depressed.

If this is you, then one avenue is the practice of playing the inside-out game, which is an aspect of living a SELF-led life. The inside-out game is when you learn that everything you need to be the greatest version of yourself lies within you. You generate and control your mood, not the outside world. You control more than you think, and don’t lose sleep over the things you can’t. 

So, what game are you playing?

Outside in?


Much love and STRIVE on!



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