Master Life Coach Lee Davy reveals the tough-love 'secret' to living your dream life...

How Anyone Can Learn The Art of Living a SELF-led Life — No Matter Your Situation, Circumstances, or Location

 Warning: STOP here if you’re looking for the next so-called ‘quick fix’

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Have you ever wondered...


Why this whole 'self-improvement thing' is so complicated?

From the countless ‘self-help’ books to the sea of online info — It feels like there’s a million options to choose from.

“I don’t know WHERE to start…”

“I don’t know HOW to start…”

“I don’t know WHO to trust…”

If that’s you… I’ve got your back.

I’m here to tell you the 'tough-love secret' to ACTUALLY pursuing your dream life.

The kind of life you can be genuinely excited to wake up for, day after day.

I call it...

Living a SELF-led life


But to be honest with you...

It’s not really a secret.

Living a SELF-led life is more of a fine art.

But be warned…

You might not want to hear what I'm going to tell you.

But I assure you, It’s something you HAVE to hear IF you want to live a life you can be proud of.

But first, be honest with me…

Does this sound familiar?


>> I mindlessly scroll on social media and binge-watch TV shows because there’s “nothing better to do,” which makes me angry and frustrated — but I keep doing it


>> Arguments with loved ones leaves me frustrated and misunderstood — I don’t know how to communicate without my emotions boiling over


>> I turn to vices like alcohol, cigarettes, and porn


>> Reflecting on past 'fuck ups' consume me with shame & guilt


>> I constantly feel like shit and keep asking myself, “What’s the point?”


If ANY of this hits home... I know how you feel


I’ve been in your shoes 👇

My Personal Message To YOU

Lee Davy / Certified Master Life Coach / The STRIVE Method Founder

Dear friend,

A little over a decade ago, I was in a dark place.

My marriage was in turmoil.

With each passing day, I sank deeper and deeper into gambling debt.

My job with DB Schenker only added to my stress.

I was tasked with laying off fellow workers during the global financial crisis of 2007/08, knowing my job was also in jeopardy…

In the middle of the night, my family and I received death threats.

I dreaded each new day.

To top everything off, I was chronically drinking and gambling.

Those were dark days.

In a bid to save my marriage, I decided to make a serious change.

I gave up drinking.

This single act sparked a realisation: alcohol offered me ZERO value.

This introspection began a powerful shift in my life...

I questioned every decision I ever made


From the way I socialised, to the marriage I was in, to the job I woke up for and marched to day after day despite dreading every moment of it…

This revealed something monumental:

I made it to 35 without making a single conscious decision.

I was simply going through the motions of life.

This introspection led me to make one of the hardest decisions of my life:

With the support of my wife, I left my job with DB Schenker and pursued a new path — helping others become ‘Alcohol-Free as Fuck.’

But not everything was smooth sailing...

While travelling, my marriage of 15 years ended in divorce.

It was a painful process, full of conflict and regret.

The most difficult period of my life...


During this challenging time, I fell in love with my now-wife Liza.

We had our daughter Zia.

I felt like everyone was pulling me in their direction, and I was one strong tug away from snapping.

Not knowing what to do, I followed my parents' advice:

“Suck it up and get on with it.”

So I did.

During COVID, I trained as a Master Life Coach at the Elementum Coaching Institute.

This six-month period was the most reflective and transformative of my life, covering an array of topics including trauma, nervous system management, and relationships.

Unexpectedly, Liza asked for a divorce.

Without alcohol to blame, I was forced to confront more profound issues.

That's when I realised becoming Alcohol-Free as Fuck wasn’t enough.

I was still living life largely unconsciously, only this time, I didn’t drink.

I was a boy living in a man's body.

My unconscious decisions were made up of juvenile parts of my personality, created by childhood trauma that kept me safe.

I learned to recognise, notice, interact and love these parts.

This settled my nervous system and I became more grounded, compassionate, and loving.

I realised my true SELF for the first time.

Everyone I knew — including my wife and daughter — were like... 


"Who is this guy?"


That’s when I realised that the true nature of progression is continuously working on yourself until the day you die, screwing things up, slipping out of integrity but then getting back into integrity.

That’s the tough love secret.

The art behind living a SELF-led life.

It's a cycle: screw up, learn something, improve, screw up.

But the more you get back into integrity, the more people trust you.

They have hope and trust that together you'll get through the other side.

I'm not here to tell you that I am a polished version of a guy living a SELF-led life.

No way.

I screw up and shift into my ego all of the time, but I am much more aware of it because I know my SELF that much better and love all Parts of me.

No, it’s not a walk in the park.

No, it’s not a magic pill.

No, it’s not easy.

But yes, it's beautifully slow work — and I’m here to show you the way,

One baby step at a time.

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 Success Stories of Current and Past Clients, STRIVERS:


The fact you’re here...


Tells me you’re ready to make a serious change.

But how long will you keep telling yourself you’ll make a change “one day?”

That day will never come if you don’t create it.

It starts by making the conscious decision to design your life in a way that will steer you in a new direction.

Your habits, thoughts, and beliefs must begin to change.

This is how you step into a new identity.

You can continue ignoring the feeling telling you that you want more, or you can decide to commit to building this new reality.

The choice is yours.

If you choose to ignore problems, they grow like parasites in the back of your mind.

Eventually, you’ll reflect back on life…

The regret and constant questions of “what ifs” too much to bear.

Stop drifting, my friend.

Life is beautiful when you create it.

I’m telling you firsthand that the hardship that comes with change is worth the experiences and freedom it grants you access to.

Take control of your life before it’s too late…

So, how do we start?


That’s the big question.

You could spend months or even years trying to figure this out yourself, jumping from self-help book to YouTube video...

But let’s be honest — that eats up precious TIME.

And time is our most precious resource.

Luckily, I’ve put together a community:


At STRIVE, we follow something called the STRIVE Method:

What is the STRIVE Method?


It’s a pathway toward a self-directed, deeply fulfilling life.

Through guided meditation, educational workbooks, and a three-tier structured quest system, you'll gain the tools to master your inner self.

Experience a profound shift in how you perceive and interact with the world, leading to increased clarity, enhanced emotional resilience, and a powerful sense of personal freedom.

Feel empowered, connected, and revitalised as you embody the principles of a SELF-led life, making lasting changes that resonate through all aspects of your being...

My friend...


  What if you could end the pain, shame, and self-blame… through personalised, actionable baby steps that snowball over time?


  What if you could reclaim your life… by healing your past and controlling your future?


  What if you could live the life that you ACTUALLY want… not the life that you settled for?

  What if you received professional guidance from someone who understands your journey, someone who’s been in your shoes?

  What if you could start right now… in the privacy of your own home?


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Here's What You're Getting with the Investment of a Lifetime

The STRIVE Method

Experience the transformative power of the STRIVE Method — a quest-based approach toward conscious living that empowers you to live a self-driven life...

A SELF-led life.

Our method encompasses guided meditations, educational workbooks, and a three-tier quest structure.

Global Community

Belong to our diverse community of individuals — within cohorts no bigger than 30 people — united by a shared journey.

Everyone sees, hears, and values you.

You are not alone; we're stronger.

Embrace the warmth and understanding that only like-minded communities offer, and the intimacy and relationship development that proves challenging in larger communities.

Group Coaching Calls

Reinforce your commitment to conscious living with weekly group coaching calls.

The STRIVE coaching team offers guidance, support, and insight, turning challenges into stepping stones.

Join us to find strategies that work, share victories, and gain strength from others' experiences.

Guest Speakers & Coaches

Experience the wisdom of various experts with access to guest speakers and coaches.

They cover diverse topics to guide you towards a SELF-led life.

Here's your chance to learn, evolve, and refine your journey with the help of some of the most respected voices in the field.

Podcast Appearance

STRIVERS are given the unique opportunity to appear on the 1000 Days Sober Podcast.

Share your story, your struggles, and your triumphs to inspire others.

Your journey can become a beacon for those navigating the foggy waters of sobriety, turning your narrative into a tale of hope.


Within our STRIVE community, you'll find a constant source of feedback and support.

Our community forums, quests, and group coaching calls provide a platform for genuine interactions with peers who truly understand what you're facing.

Navigate your journey with real-time insights and experience a community that learns and grows together.


The STRIVE community constantly proves self-development and growth can be FUN.

Our points-based system celebrates your healing process, tying extrinsic and intrinsic motivation together to fuel your success.

Watch your scores rise as you recover, and experience the thrill of progress like never before.

The benefits of living a SELF-led life:


✔️ Decision-make with confidence, not fear

✔️ Earn trust & respect from the most important people in your life

✔️ Navigate life as a victor, not a victim (take accountability like a champ)

✔️ Know the steps to correct course after screwing up (happens to the best of us)

✔️ Navigating conflict in a healthy way

✔️ Slow down and take a breath BEFORE making decisions

✔️ Parent more consciously (set your kids up for lifetime success)



Your experience with the STRIVE Method will be personalised to you
That’s why we only accept 30 members (no exceptions)
This ensures each STRIVER receives the proper focus, attention, and intimacy needed to design their very own roadmap
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Together, we'll eliminate the thought of ‘what could have been...'
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