Conquer Your Toxic Relationship with Alcohol by Tapping Into Internal Forces You Didn’t Know Existed, So You Can Unlock the Ultimate Life of 


(it's time to say...


to feeling compelled to drink every time the thought crosses your mind — no matter YOUR ‘booze trigger’)


BONUS: Your friends, family & loved one’s will be blown away by the version of you that stands before them



 > “No matter how long I ‘give up’ drinking, I ALWAYS end up falling back into my old ways”

> “Every time I ‘break up with booze,’ I’m confronted with crippling boredom & depression

> “Literally everyone around me drinks, where do I find the willpower to stay strong?”

> “I don’t know how to live my life without numbing myself with alcohol”

> “The liquor store practically calls my name on the drive home”

> “It’s only a matter of time before I give into my cravings — they’re that strong”

> “I know deep down drinking is horrible for my physical and mental health, but I just can’t shake the dependence — no matter the scare”

> “I can’t control HOW much I drink, and I can’t control IF I drink… is moderation wishful thinking?”

> “My loved ones are terrified with the direction I’m going. If they lose me, there’s no one else to provide for them."

> “I’ve tried countless ‘quit drinking programs’ over the years… yet here we are”

> “No matter how EARTH-SHATTERING my ‘end-my-misery-hangover’ feels the next day, I still find a way to drink despite telling myself I’m NEVER drinking again!”

> “There’s a part of me that wants to stop drinking, and a part of me that loves it… and the ambivalence is confusing and exhausting" 


If this hits too close to home, YOU need to know something...

You're the furthest from alone!


The STRIVE Method


πŸ‘‰ Picks you up from the ground and has you running right out of the gate, armed with the essential tools to combat even the toughest ‘journey to sobriety’ moments

πŸ‘‰ Rocks your entire 'drinking paradigm' to the core

πŸ‘‰ Provides you with the philosophy, education and community to live a life worth living AFTER alcohol

What is The STRIVE Method?


The STRIVE Method is a community-driven, tried-and-true framework that rediscovers the version of you who never picked up that drink in the first place

The STRIVE community provides online meetings, group coaching, educational platforms and a warm and loving network (available 24/7) to help you live a SELF-led life of compassion, curiosity and clarity without alcohol

It’s a safe haven where like-minded people come together to build a better life… 



The beating heart of STRIVE is the community



Re-Shape Your 'Alcohol Worldview' with LEE DAVY & The STRIVE Method


 WARNING: Don’t be surprised if your relationship with booze shatters before your eyes

What YOU can expect as a STRIVER


βœ… The stupid-simple secret to erasing alcohol cravings and triggers within days, not months

βœ… The downright unethical & sneaky ways we're conditioned to drink alcohol from birth, and what you need to do about it this very second

βœ… How to become a lineage breaker (your children will thank you)

βœ… What other ‘self-help gurus’ don’t tell you about ‘quit drinking programs’ AND why joining forces with a tight-knit community is paramount for overcoming one of the deadliest killers

βœ… The secret to jumpstarting the romance in your life and how alcohol kills your sex drive (even if you don’t want to admit it)

βœ… How to reverse decades of drinking damage as fast as humanly possible

βœ… The 3 remedies that will 5x your chances of remaining sober (hint: we’re not talking harsh prescription drugs that make you feel dopey and woozy)

βœ… Why alcohol stands as the go-to coping mechanism in your life no matter the trauma you’re lugging around

βœ… How alcohol straight-up steals the feeling that we should be part of something greater

βœ… The one big mistake you MUST avoid so you don’t end up depressed and anxious the moment you try ‘calling it quits’

βœ… The real reason most STRIVERS start their day in the exact same way

βœ… Why kicking booze to the curb take’s so much more than willpower and self-discipline alone

βœ… A near-bottomless well of motivation to tap into day after day, with plenty left over when you come home to your loved ones

βœ… The cold-hard reason every day feels like a complete waste of time when you 'just add alcohol'


βœ… You’ll have peace of mind knowing your body will be strong and healthy, meaning you’re present for your loved ones for years to come!

Success Stories of Current & Past STRIVERS:


The Numbers Don't Lie:

The average time a STRIVER remains part of the community is 719 days!

Who is LEE DAVY?


βœ”οΈ Founded The STRIVE Method 6 years ago

βœ”οΈ  Qualified as a Master Life Coach through the Elementum Master Life Coaching program

βœ”οΈQuit a decade-long smoking addiction after being told he was going to be a father

βœ”οΈQuit a two-decade-long drinking and gambling addiction in a bid to save his marriage

βœ”οΈ Created the 1,000 Days Sober Podcast where he has interviewed such luminaries as Norm MacDonald, Bruce Buffer, Jack Canfield, Gay Hendricks and Amanda Francis

βœ”οΈ Helped thousands of people (and counting) overcome their association with alcohol from all walks of life, including high-stakes poker pros, multi-millionaire entrepreneurs, business owners and crypto traders

βœ”οΈ On a mission to be the best father, husband, friend, leader, son and brother possible

βœ”οΈ On a mission to help 1 million people reshape their relationship with alcohol

βœ”οΈ Considered the #1 expert when it comes to ending addictions, then using that momentum to build beautiful relationships with oneself, others and the universe


βœ”οΈ Made it his life’s work to help YOU become someone that doesn’t drink alcohol and live more consciously



Because 3.3 million people die every year from alcohol-related causes, which is more than warmurder and terrorism COMBINED!



βœ… “A 100% commitment to do everything in my power to stop YOU from being another statistic”

 “Just because you drink alone, doesn’t mean you need to be alone when you stop drinking”

- Lee Davy

Here’s What You’re Getting With The Investment of a Lifetime


πŸ”‘ Instant Access to the famed STRIVE Method, the life-changing system designed to help you live a SELF-led life after alcohol

πŸ“ž Weekly Zoom calls with your fellow STRIVERS (the power of community, right at your fingertips)

🌎 24/7 Community access & support, all across the globe (any day, any time — STRIVE is there for you)

πŸŽ₯ Live Zoom events hosted by the renowned STRIVE coaching Team

πŸ’° A new-found sense of personal accountability that will have you feeling like a million bucks (your fellow STRIVERS are rooting for you)

βœ’οΈ Daily actionable STRIVE method quests, designed to fully uplevel your life (the work you put in day in and day out is paramount to your success)

πŸ“ Your very own personalised cheat codes, built to solve the roadblocks keeping YOU from living in your dream state

🌞 A ‘jump-in-the-deep-end’ approach into a Loving and Supportive Community that’s right by your side every step of the way (your new kick-ass tribe awaits)


Living a SELF-Led Life With The STRIVE Method


Monthly & Annual Plans

The STRIVE Method Membership


Monthly Plan

  • Instant access to the famed STRIVE Method
  • 24/7 community access via Discord
  • Weekly coaching calls with the STRIVE coaching team
  • Money back guarantee

The STRIVE Method Membership


Annual Plan (20% off!)

  • Instant access to the famed STRIVE method
  • 24/7 community access via Discord
  • Weekly coaching calls with the STRIVE coaching team
  • Money back guarantee

Private Coaching Plan


Private Plan

  • Direct, 1 on 1 coaching with Lee Davy, qualified Master Life Coach
  • A customized payment plan fully based on your situation & needs

Private Coaching Plan


βœ” Do you prefer 1 to 1 coaching?

βœ” Is your relationship with alcohol personal and you’d like to keep it that way?

βœ” Is the thought of dealing with this in a community-based setting enough to trigger shame and embarrassment?

βœ” Are you looking for a way out of no way?

If so,

I'm right alongside you on this journey to becoming...




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