The Generational Lineage Breaker

change May 06, 2024

The longer you wait to start living a SELF-led life, the harder it is because you’ve been holed up in an echo chamber. You won’t recognise those who slumber at your feet. You won’t wake them up. And for them, well, you no longer feature in their dreams. 

It’s a safety mechanism known as Resistance.

The Resistance has one goal: to turn you into a pariah. 

It cannot allow you and your decisions to put one speck of doubt into their unconscious minds. 

Cognitive dissonance is the enemy.

You are the enemy.

You find the courage to make life-changing decisions like becoming alcohol-free-as-fuck (AFAF), postponing your wedding five days before the big day because you’re not quite sure, leaving your high-flying career to volunteer on a farm, divorcing your parents because they’re just so toxic, stop eating animals because you suddenly see them as no different than you or me or start believing that there is something out there more significant than you that you don’t quite understand. Still, you’re going to take a punt on its existence. 

Maybe your decisions aren’t life-changing.

You may decide to stay in instead of going out, to say positive things instead of negative things, or stop joining in the gossip about this and that. Or you could tell someone that although you love them, they talk a little bit too much, and it would be lovely if they could just chill and listen to you occasionally.

When you change, the Resistance must tell you that your change is terrible, that you’re wrong, that there’s something wrong with you. Maybe you’re going through a mid-life crisis or a breakdown. Perhaps you should see a doctor? Take some pills? Because this is not like you. Not like you at all. 

And maybe, because you're seeing life for the first time, you realise that these people have made you feel ‘wrong’ your entire life. 

And you’ve believed them.

Every sinew.

Every bead of sweat.

You believe(d) them.

Yeah, sure, that’s one worldview.

But here’s another.

You are a generational lineage breaker. 

Because of your courage, bravery and vulnerability, everyone who spins into your orbit from now on will leave transformed.

You will make an impact on everyone you meet.

People will follow you, and those that don’t won’t, and that’s okay. 

I know it’s tough. Parts of us are desperate to return to the way things were because we felt safer then. But don’t run away from it. Run towards it because there is no feeling on earth like the feeling of safety and sanctity when you share your ugliest and most terrible truths, and people look at you like you’re talking about the weather. 

If you doubt me, find a way to escape the echo chamber. 

Find a group of like-minded people and ask them to tell you what they see. 

And ‘escape’ is easy because you’re holding the key.

Much love and STRIVE on!


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