The Big Issue

inspiration May 13, 2024


Some people in Cardiff sit still holding a copy of the Big Issue, hoping you’ll buy one.

Then there is this other guy who walks around singing about The Big Issue. 

Who are you more likely to notice and buy from?

And that’s not the main point.


One of his songs is this, “Big Issue! Big Issue! Everyone has Big Issues!”

This song resonates deeply with the heart of our work at STRIVE.

To live a SELF-led life, I love coming from the principle that every one of us is a little fucked up. 

We like to think that our woes are special or unique, but I don’t believe that’s true. 

These stories keep us safe.

But the story that we all have Big Issues can also keep us safe because it means we’re not alone.

This way of thinking leads to more self-compassion, self-love, and self-forgiveness, sending a chilled vibe throughout the nervous system.

Once more, from the top!

Big Issue! Big Issue! Everyone has Big Issues!

Much love and STRIVE on!



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