Resenting Your Children

inner child parenting parts May 26, 2024

From the moment I told her the story of the Hungry Caterpillar, playing it out like a theatre while she sat in her high chair, saying, “Again! Again! Again!” 🐛🎭 There has been a part of me that has loved connecting with her in this way and a part that resents her for it. 💔

I want to focus on the latter because I think it’s essential. 🧠

It’s not until you bring a child into the world and start to parent them that your inner children suddenly spring to life. 🌱 My resentment that surfaces when playing with Zia comes from a childlike part of me that feels sad, lonely, and ignored because my father never played with me. So, when this father (me) does that with Zia, my young part resents her for this. 😔

When living a SELF-led life, your self-awareness allows you to pick this up and do something about it. 🌟 And you have to because your children are smart. 🧠 They’ll feel this resentment because they’re often more conscious than you.

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