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The Alcohol Secrets Bible: Exposing the Liquid Lie


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🗸 The destructive grip alcohol holds over our lives (it’s in places you hoped it wasn’t)

🗸 Where alcohol ranks on the World Health Organization’s list of most fatal substances (hint: It’s responsible for 3+ million deaths worldwide)

🗸 The one-step test you can try today to know if you have a reliance to alcohol or not

🗸 The Top 9 ways alcohol severely harms your physical and mental health (#5 and #7 might shock you)

🗸 The 5 actionable steps to follow if you want any relationship to ignite & flourish

🗸 How to break free from alcohol cravings & triggers (no matter how powerful they are)

🗸 Why surrounding yourself with ‘allies’ is crucial for overcoming any type of substance reliance (being a lone wolf is hurting — not helping)

🗸 The 3 exercises everyone should add to their routine (reliance or no reliance to alcohol)

🗸 What to do if you’re dealing with withdrawal symptoms (hint: medical guidance is only one piece of the puzzle)

🗸 How to create your very own personalized Alcohol-Free-As-F**k (AFAF) cheat code

🗸 The truth about relapsing that will ensure you're ready for anything

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