How STRIVERS Live a SELF-Led Life Free of Alcohol

It’s not enough to stop drinking alcohol.

STRIVE: Life After Alcohol

Loving All of Our Parts

STRIVERS believe that we were born perfectly imperfect. Each of us has a SELF-connected to something greater than ourselves. We are conscious, curious, and sober when operating from SELF. When working from SELF - we love because we are love. 

Existing alongside our SELF is a collection of parts of our psyche that constitutes our ego. These parts are younger versions of ourselves, often trapped in trauma loops and acting in maladaptive ways to keep us safe. STRIVERS believe our parts choose to drink alcohol to keep us safe. Working with these parts, recognising them, understanding how they operate, healing and loving them is the way to live a SELF-led life free of alcohol.

Supreme Line Awareness

STRIVERS believe there is little point being someone that doesn’t drink alcohol if your parts are still running your life. For this reason, the main goal of a STRIVER is to create supreme line awareness. Pinching a concept from the Conscious Leadership Group, STRIVERS believe we operate above the line when in SELF-energy and below the line when part activated. Learning to assess our line awareness and developing the skills and experience to navigate from below to above the line is crucial to our work at STRIVE.

Compassionate Communication

STRIVERS understand that a sure-fire way of falling below the line is a lack of communication skills. To live a SELF-led life free of alcohol, you have to learn to communicate from a place of respect, compassion and curiosity - this includes with yourself and others.

100% Responsibility

Accepting 100% responsibility for your experience is an above the line behaviour rooted in SELF-energy. The opposite is blame, judgments and excuses - all below the line traits keeping you stuck in parts-activated drama. If you can learn to take 100% responsibility for your life, your chances of living a SELF-led life free of alcohol increase exponentially.

Learn The Truth About Alcohol

STRIVERS don’t believe that Alcoholism is a brain disease. STRIVERS believe that Alcoholism is an invisible, violent and dominant belief system designed to turn you into an alcohol addict from birth. Understanding how this system works is a crucial aspect of the STRIVE Method and a great way of removing the desire to drink alcohol.

Understanding Your Trauma

Understanding the traumatic experiences that created the parts of our psyche that feel safe operating below the line is paramount. STRIVERS believe that the strive for an alcohol-free life is a strive towards freedom, and healing your trauma is an essential aspect of this journey.

Feeling Emotions Completely

STRIVERS understand that tethered to every decision to drink alcohol is an emotion, usually suppressed, repressed or expressed dishonourably. STRIVERS remember that they’re emotional beings that can feel feelings through to completion instead of choosing to drink alcohol to numb them. STRIVERS are angry, sad, and happy. STRIVERS mourn, grieve, feel shame, anxiety and envy and jealousy. STRIVERS learn to set boundaries around these emotions to feel in a safe and honourable way.

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