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We drink alcohol when we're triggered so it makes sense that if we're not triggered we won't drink, right! 
That's why we created 'The Ultimate Alcohol Craving Control System,' our online mini-course designed to help you surf the waves of your trigger without falling into the drink. 
Turn shame, fear and anxiety into pride, satisfaction and happiness, today.

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STRIVE Book Club

Here Are Some of The Subjects That Will Blow Your Mind Inside This Life-Changing Book

What you'll get:

  • Harry the Hummingbird – what both the nerve-based and gene-based nervous systems teach us about the alcohol trap.

  • The Path of Least Resistance – the powerful understanding that your structures determine the flow of your energy and why that’s crucial in understanding why you can’t stop drinking alcohol.

  • The Line – why focusing on becoming someone that doesn’t drink alcohol has to come secondary to the goal of knowing when you are acting above or below the line. 

  • Time – how the 2017 FA Cup run from part-timers Lincoln FC can shed a fresh new perspective on your challenges with alcohol.

  • Rupture & Repair – understanding that at the heart of all addiction is a lack of relational literacy, making kiss and makeup time one of your top goals.

  • Value – Taking a bulldozer over the belief that alcohol provides you with value, allowing you to be free from its grip on your reality.

  • The Alcoholic – learn why the use of this most stigmatized of words is part of the problem and not a solution.

  • Approval/Security/Control – Learn how your use of alcohol is a dysfunctional attempt at control due to your approval and security issues.

    And so much more!

What People Are Saying:

Hello all, The best way to find your true authentic self, is to immerse yourself into: community / reading material / zoom chats, And more I found all this on strive method, I have never looked back. For me it's all about the input, I get what I put in, A free life, NO DRINKING it's so good to know me finally, I have been here all the time. Woke up by this lovely method. Xxxx

Stella Stannard Magee

ello everyone Want to live your best life? The Strive Method is a world class program which changed my relationship with alcohol forever. This isn't just about being a person who doesn't drink, it's about living my best life. Being fully present through all my human experiences without ever thinking about alcohol. I would encourage you to read Lee's book which is based on the Strive Method and get control back into your life

Nicky Glossop

Love love love this book Lee Davy You have definitely been there, done it and got the T shirt and have been profoundly honest and open about your own journey. I love the way the book is dipp-in-able - so helpful for anyone wanting to break free from this trap and as the title says, control alcohol so that doesn't control you

Janey Lee Grace

I’ve read a fair few quit lit books in my time, but this one really resonated with me. I read the book in its entirety in a day! Lee’s explains things so simply, and something has changed in my whole attitude to drinking, in that I know I will never touch a drop again. Probably sounds a little far fetched that I got to this point from reading one book, maybe it’s a combination of all the ‘recovery’ work I’ve put in, maybe it’s finally my sober time, but there’s no doubt that this little gem of a book helped me cross that line. I now intend to re-read one chapter a day and work on the exercises and fully absorb the content. If you’re someone who’s worried about your alcohol intake or are sober curious, give this book a go. I would also highly recommend visiting 1000dayssober.com