STRIVE: Life After Alcohol

Proven tools to help you explore your relationship with alcohol, developed by experts and folks who’ve been there.

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STRIVE is a holistic experiment for life without alcohol. Leaping from the STRIVE philosophy that your journey begins once you become someone that doesn’t drink alcohol, STRIVE provides online meetings, group coaching, educational platforms, and a warm and loving community to help you live a SELF-led life of compassion, curiosity and clarity without alcohol.

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A Two-Pronged Approach to Life Without Alcohol.

While STRIVE provides you with the philosophy, education and community to control or stop drinking alcohol it excels in providing support for people who have stopped drinking and need help dealing with life’s challenges without alcohol as the primary crutch.

STRIVE pledges to donate 10% of all membership fees to the financially challenged. If you are struggling financially reach out to us at [email protected]  to take advantage of financial support.

The STRIVE Method works

The average time a STRIVER remains a part of the community is 631 days!

96% of STRIVE Method alumni graduated sober.

83% of those touched base with us after 12-months and

79% were still not drinking alcohol.

The beating heart of STRIVE is our community. A place where like-minded people come together to build a better like after alcohol. Support, Lead, Receive, Love.

What Everyone is Saying About “The STRIVE Method”

STRIVE: Life After Alcohol

Monthly Plan


Billed Monthly. $1188/year



STRIVE: Life After Alcohol

Annual Plan


Billed Annually. $950/year

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Private Coaching Plan

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Monthly & Annual Plans Include

  • Support Calls
  • Live Events
  • Weekly Zoom calls with your fellow STRIVERS
  • Access to the famed STRIVE Method, the life-changing course designed to help you live a SELF-led life after alcohol. 
  • 24/7 Community Support
  • Live Zoom events hosted by the STRIVE coaching team
  • Immerse yourself in a loving and supportive community. You drank alone. Don’t stop drinking alone. 

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