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The STRIVE Method is STRIVE’s 6-month signature method designed to help you live a SELF-led life without alcohol. Experience more than 120 coaching videos in our Pre-Recovery, Recovery and Post-Recovery phases. Learn to experiment with a life without alcohol in your own way. Perfect for people who want to moderate, abstain and even people who have quit and want to eke more out of life.

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Start building connections with like-minded people in our weekly online Zoom meetings. There are no agendas, just a bunch of people talking about how to live a SELF-led life after alcohol.

Listen to the Podcast

Listen to the 1000 Days Sober Podcast host Lee Davy talking to a broad range of guests on the topics you need to understand to live a SELF-led life without alcohol. Experts include the likes of Jack Canfield, Gay and Katie Hendricks, Neale Donald Walsch, Amanda Francis, Annie Grace, Laura McKowen and Norm MacDonald. Click here to learn more

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Attend weekly group coaching sessions led by the incredible STRIVE coaching team. Themes include addiction, codependency, relationships, parenting, sex, and more. Remember, there is more to life than simply changing your relationship with alcohol.


Personal Coaching Packages

If you want to receive the personal touch, STRIVE has individual coaching packages that match you with some of the best Master Coaches in the business.

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